Episode 16: Music, Mortality & The Avett Brothers with Tim Mossberger

by Tanya D. Marsh | Death, et seq.

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About a month ago, I sat down with my friend Tim Mossberger in Champaign, Illinois to talk about our mutual favorite band, The Avett Brothers, and a bunch of their songs that deal with topics related to mortality.

Tim has a website called As My Life Turns to a Song – The Avett Brothers Archive.  He has been methodically collecting and documenting the history of the band, and together with Paul Oehler has created an Avett setlist database that is as comprehensive as possible.  And with me, Tim has created Tales of Avett News, a blog where we publish concert reviews, interviews with Avett fans and people connected with the band, and other content of interest to Avett fans.

In this episode, Tim and I discuss a number of Avett Brothers songs that deal with various aspects of mortality including:

The Fall

Talk on Indolence

The Lowering

Die Die Die

Another Youngster

Am I Born to Die (cover)

Live and Die


Through My Prayers

Once and Future Carpenter

Morning Song

Murder in the City

No Hard Feelings





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